These pages deal with Julius Erasmus, who after the Second World War became known nationwide as the so-called “Undertaker of Vossenack” because of his efforts to recover and bury killed soldiers in the area of the Huertgen Forest and who subsequently, between 1952 and 1960, as the first warden of the Vossenack military cemetery, also took care of the graves and the relatives of the dead.


Since 2019, following research on his own family history, the operator of these pages is looking more closely into the numerous theses that are spread, in particular locally and regionally, about Julius Erasmus, his origin and his activities and present him as a legendary figure. It will be tried to verify these theses against provable facts and to gain a clearer view of the person of Julius Erasmus and his activities. It is planned to publish the research results in book form.


These pages are intended to provide the interested public with initial answers and to give them the opportunity to become involved in the research, e. g. by sharing anecdotes, their own experiences or memories on Julius Erasmus, be it in writing or pictures.